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Mosaico Summer School Córdoba

Santa Clara School is an architectural element with great artistic value. It is located in a former convent from the XVI century which was built over several centuries, where Mudejar, Renaissance and Baroque styles can be appreciated.

It is situated in Palma del Rio, in the heart of Andalusia, a very quiet and safe town where it is a pleasure to walk along the streets and taverns. Its location is ideal to visit the surrounding cities of Seville, Cordoba and Granada, as well as it offers many varied tourist sites and activities in the area.

Santa Clara School allows students to learn Spanish in a relaxed atmosphere, surrounded by culture, history, gardens and fun.

The special Multiactivity program will make Spanish language students not to forget their stay in Santa Clara School.

The historic complex of Santa Clara School, reformed in 2013, invites to study Spanish in a very relaxed environment. The broad classes are spread around the beautiful Cloister. Students can enjoy its gardens at day time. Students will spend pleasant evenings at night in the typical patios surrounded by beautiful orange trees where they will continue learning and practicing Spanish.

When visiting Córdoba, a World Heritage City, students can walk along the streets and taverns in the Jewish quarter, visit the Patio de Los Naranjos in the Mosque of Cordoba, cross the Roman Bridge or visit the Synagogue, a symbol of a mix of cultures. 



  • 1.760 € - 2 weeks


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