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Mosaico Summer School Sevilla

Fernando Villalón University Residence is located in the Bormujos Campus, in the Seville metropolitan area, just 20 minutes from downtown. It is a modern residence surrounded by Private Universities, luxury developments, wide boulevards, playgrounds, shopping areas and theatres.

Students will live a true Spanish immersion experience in this University Residence in Bormujos, interacting with the residents in the parks and leisure areas where they will only find Spanish speaking people in a very quiet and safe area.


The excellent facilities and location make this residence an excellent place to study Spanish and visit the neighbourhoods and streets of Seville every day.

Seville is a very welcoming city, with a wide range of historical sites and places of entertainment to be explored by students with an intensive cultural program.

It is a city that includes from the most typical places in Spain, the Giralda, the Santa Cruz neighbourhood, the Museum of Fine Arts ... etc. to the most modern streets and futuristic squares as the Encarnación. 


  • 1.760 € - 2 weeks


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