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Mosaico Learning System

Mosaico Learning System gets students to take advantage of their study effort and practice by means of practical situations they also reinforced with a varied program of social activities related with topics studied.

 The agreement  between  Mosaico  Spanish  Courses and SGEL has allowed us to provide our students with a learning system widely renowned with more than 40 years experience in teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language.

The methodology used in “Español en Marcha” reaches a balanced development of linguistic and communicative competencies with an action-oriented approach which includes:

  • Short didactic sequences that make the learning progression faster.
  • Contents  progression  adjusted  to  students’  levels.
  • Grammatical,  lexical  and  functional  contents  in synoptic charts to help at the completion of activi ties.
  • Activities that favours an inductive learning process: understanding, expression and interaction.
  • Cultural and communication concepts.
  • Activities for Classmates.
  • Self-assessment activities.
  • Affordable and clear contents for all the students.

Mosaico Learning System online

With Mosaico Spanish System our students will benefit from free access to didactic units online, even before they start their course with us, and practice their Spanish. In addition to their in-person classes they will be able to keep learning and practising Spanish with the available content online.



Mosaico Spanish Courses is an authorised examination centre of CERTIUNI.

CERTIUNI is a project promoted by the Vice-Chancellors Conference of Spanish Universities to establish accreditation systems of certain abilities like the knowledge of a foreign language.



CERTIUNI uses BULATS test (Business Language Testing Service) to determine the level of knowledge of Spanish in accordance with Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. This certification system has been designed by four renowned organisms: the University of Salamanca, the University of Cambridge, Alliance Française and Goethe Institut, experts in evaluating the knowledge of foreign languages.

At Mosaico Spanish Courses, students can prepare this examination and sit for this test 6, 8 or 10 weeks before the examination date. BULATS test is a fast, flexible and affordable way to cer- tificate your level of Spanish. Moreover, BULATS test is an intenationally accepted certification recognised by employers and goverment agencies around the world.

Students will not pass or fail the exam as BULATS test will place them in their exact level of linguistic competence in Spanish (see the 6 levels of CEFR the equivalent score at BULATS test in the previous page).

BULATS is an online test students can take at our centres and is available for four differente skills: Reading and LIstening, Speaking and Writing.






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  • Mosaico Center School Sevilla: All year round

    Mosaico Summer School: from 28 june

  • +12 year old
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