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At Mosaico Spanish Courses we can also arrange your accommodation and we offer you different options to guarantee your welfare during your stay with us. 


The best offer of accommodation for students of Spanish is our great University Residence located 20 minutes by public transport from the city centre of Seville

The excellent facilities and location make this residence an excellent place to study Spanish and visit the neighbourhoods and streets of Seville every day. The residence offers private shuttle service to downtown. It is a modern residence surrounded by Private Universities, luxury developments, wide boulevards, playgrounds, shopping areas and theatres.

Students will live a true Spanish immersion experience in this University Residence in Bormujos, interacting with other students and the residents in the parks and leisure areas where they will only find Spanish speaking people in a very quiet and safe area.


In the same square where the school is and a few minutes away, we have beautiful apartments 


For those students who wish to stay in a family, we have carefully selected host families in the same neighbourhood as the school 


Our executive students have a 3-star hotel 5 minutes away from the school





  • From 140 €



Students' residence - Sevilla

Students'  residence - Sevilla

Fernando Villalón University Residence is located in the Bormujos Campus, in the Seville metropolitan area, just 20 minutes from downtown. It is a modern residence surrounded by Private Universities, luxury developments, wide boulevards, playgrounds, shopping areas and theatres. 


Students' residence - Córdoba

Students'  residence - Córdoba

Santa Clara School is an architectural element with great artistic value. It is located in a former convent from the XVI century which was built over several centuries, where Mudejar, Renaissance and Baroque styles can be appreciated.


Students' residence - Cádiz

Students' residence - Cádiz

Coto de la Isleta is an Environmental Education Centre with an extension of about 8 hectares, located at the gates of the Bahía de Cádiz Natural Park: Everglades, Salt marshes, Beaches and Pine forests ensure the enjoyment of nature. It is a few minutes from the centre of El Puerto de Santa María.


Students' residence - Málaga

Students' residence - Málaga

The University Residence Comfort San Carlos is located in a popular neighbourhood in Malaga where students can walk safely and learn Spanish at the nearby shops and speak Spanish with their neighbourhood.


Students' residence - Granada

Students' residence - Granada

Mosaico Spanish Courses has in Granada, a World Heritage City, this fabulous luxury Hotel to host its Spanish courses for juniors. The Camino Hotel is equipped with fantastic leisure facilities: pool, gardens, study rooms, etc. It is a perfect place to study and learn the Spanish culture.


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